All the mouthwatering taste of freshly baked bread… without all the carbs.

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BIG love for our tasty bread and confectionery...

Oh my good god!! That was insane...... I used @locho_lowcarb buns and wow!!

The first time I had a low carb barm and not noticed the difference!!

Man I love this bread and could eat it every day - haha.

So filling, satisfying and at only 3.55g of carbs per roll it’s a definite 👍🏻 for a quick & easy tasty lunch.

It’s amazing! Thanks so much! Very tasty 😍❤️

I can’t wait to make some amazing sandwiches / toasties

Wow the bread is amazing❤️

It’s really nice!

This loaf is delicious and so soft😍

Definitely one to try if you’re missing bread!

Low carbs, low sugar, high protein and fresh bread direct from the bakery

LoCho is your friendly low carb baker, specialising in nutritious, super-fresh, REAL bread! We believe that reducing carbs doesn’t have to mean reducing taste. Or texture. Or bounce. That’s why we’ve developed our delicious low carb range. It may look like standard bread. It may feel like standard bread. And it may taste like standard bread. But with fewer carbs, there’s nothing to feel guilty about. 

  • Less Carbs

    Our low carb seeded loaf has up to 88% lower carbs than our standard bakery seeded loaves. 

  • All Natural

    We don’t use any artificial ingredients; just natural, vegetarian, 100% GMO-free good stuff. 

  • Always Fresh

    From our ovens to your doorstep, you can be sure you’re eating only the freshest bread. 

  • Convenient

    Our bread is suitable for freezing, so simply pop it in the freezer and defrost as needed!

“We are renowned for our quality of bread and to be able to transfer this finely honed skill into a lower carb alternative, we’re confident that this is unrivalled." Adam Haigh - Founder & Bread Alchemist

All the mouth-watering taste of freshly baked bread… without the high carb count. It's low in sugar and high in protein!

LoCho delivers fresh bread, bursting with flavour, direct to your door. With a range of scrumptious loaves and rolls that fit in with every low carb lifestyle, we’re taking reduced carb baking to the next level. 

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