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LoCho Mixed Seed Bread Sliced Loaf Box of 3 loaves inc. Next Working Day delivery

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 Meet our triple-seeded bread loaf that’s revolutionising lower-carb breakfasts, lunches, and dinners.

Following a keto diet? Feel better when you eat low carb? Simply want to make more nutritious choices for your family? You might think that bread is off the table – but our loaves say otherwise.

Introducing the delicious LoCho loaf: enjoy the taste of real, springy, flavourful bread, without all the carbs. And it’s free from any nasty extras or hidden surprises. While the average loaf contains between 47-55g of carbs per 100g, our loaf has less than 6g per 100g, making it the ideal choice. It’s lower-carb bread… but not as you know it!

How to use LoCho loaves

Unlike other reduced-carb loaves you may have tried in the past, you don’t need to tiptoe around the LoCho loaf. It’s not going to crumble when you look at it. It’s not going to snap in half if you try and cut it. We’ve developed our unique loaf to act, taste, look, and behave just like the standard loaf.

So use it however you want!

  • Butter it
  • Toast it
  • Dip it
  • Dunk it
  • Slice it
  • Fry it
  • Soldier it

Direct from our oven

Every LoCho loaf arrives at your door directly from our bakery. We bake, cool, slice, package, and send, giving you peace of mind that your loaf will have that tell-tale fresh bread feel. Every time.

Grab your loaf

Want to get your hands on our lower-carb loaf, fresh from our ovens? Order online.

We only offer 1 delivery option – next working day. This is so you receive your products as fresh as possible.