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Our History

While LoCho has been test baking since 2019 our story begins much earlier. In fact, the history of LoCho can be traced back to 1945, when our family’s first bakery was opened.


LoCho Bakers of Low Carb Bread


Our beginnings

Coming from a baking background, our founder has been making bread – and all sorts of other sweet and savoury treats – since he was 8 years old. Always curious, and constantly looking to take on new challenges, the bakery team developed a keen interest in one of the biggest baking challenges ever: low carb.

Low carb baking has had a rough start. And it hasn’t always had the best reputation. Keto-friendly breads are typically dry. Crumbly. Flakey. Hard. Flavourless – and just not ‘real’ bread. So our expert bakers took it upon themselves to change that by developing a low carb bread recipe based on three elements:

  1. Taste: Bread that has that classic, savoury, wheaty flavour, rather than being bland
  2. Texture: Bread with ‘bite’! Something you can really get your teeth into
  3. Freshness: Baked to order

… all while coming in at less than 6g of carbs per 100g, keeping it ideal for low carb diets.


LoCho Triple Seeded Low Carb Bread


Launching LoCho

The bakery team began experimenting with recipes in 2019. From adapting mixing times and changing water content, to adding different combinations of seeds and altering the methodology, it was hard work.

To develop that flavour and texture, LoCho bread not only features the classic linseed found in most low carb breads, but also a mix of sunflower and chia seeds. This enhances the flavour beautifully, and helps keep our bread soft, springy, and supple. As for freshness? All LoCho products are sent direct from our bakery to your home, so it’s never left on shelves to go stale.


LoCho today

Today, LoCho is the low carb bakery that can. Making a keto-friendly bread that ticks all the right boxes isn’t easy. And where others have failed, we’re stepping up. We’re proud to be transforming the low carb industry. We’re thrilled to be helping people all over the country live healthier lifestyles without sacrificing the foods they love. And we’re excited to see where our journey will take us.


LoCho Bakers


The future of LoCho

In the future, we expect some areas of LoCho to look very different. And we expect other areas to look exactly the same! Having grown up in a family of innovative bakers who were always looking for ways to improve, Adam and his team are constantly exploring new possibilities for low carb baking. We’re researching every day, trying out exciting new recipes, and we can’t wait to expand the LoCho product range in the future.

The one thing that won’t change? Our commitment to providing our customers with wholesome, nutritious, high-quality products made from only the best ingredients. We want to give our customers confidence that, when they choose LoCho, they’re making great decisions for themselves, and their families. We’ll never compromise on quality and nutrition.


That’s our promise...

LoCho - Low Carbohydrate Bread