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LoCho Seeded Bread Rolls - 3 packs of 4 seeded rolls Inc. Next Working Day delivery

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Our famous lower carb bread… in roll format. Lunchtimes just got even better!

Say a big ‘hello’ to LoCho rolls; soft, fluffy, and wonderfully lightweight buns that promise all the flavour with just a fraction of the carbs. Forget about the hard, dry, dense, keto-friendly rolls you’ve tried before. Our springy, bouncy, delicious rolls are so good you won’t believe the carb count.

With less than 6g of carbs per 100g – which works out as under 5g of carbs per roll – LoCho rolls are ideal for any low carb, keto, or health-conscious diet. At LoCho, we believe that cutting carbs shouldn’t have to mean cutting out your favourite foods. So let’s put big, tasty rolls back on the menu!

How to use

Unlike some other low carb rolls out there, LoCho rolls don’t fall apart when you slice them. They’re substantial enough to hold up well, while still having that super-light, fluffy texture. So don’t be afraid to use them in the same way you’d use any buns. Some of our favourite ways to use them include:

  • Tasty and filling sandwiches… they’re great for school lunchboxes
  • Mouthwatering burgers… the ideal accompaniment to your next BBQ
  • Sausage baps or bacon butties… just what you need to set yourself up for the day
  • Toasted and slathered in garlic butter… the easiest homemade garlic bread
  • Or just eat them straight from the bag… they’re irresistible!

The LoCho difference

Here’s another thing that sets LoCho rolls apart from other reduced-carb bread buns: freshness. Our rolls travel straight from our ovens to your doorstep, for the best texture and freshest taste. Why settle for anything less?

Order now!

Want to see for yourself just how good our lower carb rolls are? Place your order today, and your goodies could be on your doorstep as early as tomorrow with our next working day delivery service. Just pop any extras in the freezer and defrost when you need them.




When developing the LoCho roll recipe, getting the perfect taste and texture was vital. But we also wanted to provide our customers with real food, and real nutritional value.

That’s why our rolls contain only natural ingredients. No artificial nasties. No harmful chemicals. No GMOs. Just 100% good stuff that gives your body what it needs. We also source many of our ingredients from trusted local producers and suppliers, creating products with the lowest food miles we possibly can.

Ingredients: Water, Wheat Gluten, Egg, Brown Linseed, 100% Oat Fibre, Sunflower seeds, Bread Fat (Water, Vegetable Oils: Palm (certified sustainable)and Rapeseed; Salt, Emulsifier E471), Yeast, Chia Seeds, dough improver (wheat flour; Calcium carbonate; Niacin; Iron; Thiamine); Preservative: Calcium propionate, Black Treacle (cane molasses and inverted sugar syrup), Salt, Dough Conditioner: wheat flour; Calcium carbonate; Niacin; Iron; Thiamine); Emulsifier: Mono- and diacetyl tartaric acid esters of mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids, flour treatment agent: Ascorbic acid; Enzymes., flour improver Wheat Flour (calcium, Iron, Niacin, Thiamin), Calcium Sulphate, Flour Treatment Agent (E920), xanthan Gum


At LoCho, we’re always looking for ways to improve our bakery. And we’re thrilled to have been able to remove all nuts and sesame from our bakehouse. The LoCho bakery now only handles gluten, soya, dairy, eggs, and sulphites.

Contains: Eggs, Gluten

Product FAQs

Are LoCho rolls suitable for vegetarians?
Yes! Our roll recipe is vegetarian-friendly.

How do I store LoCho rolls?
Our rolls stay fresh for days – but we recommend that you pop them in the freezer and defrost as needed.

Do you use palm oil?
We use only sustainably sourced palm oil that’s certified by the RSPO.

What is a serving size?
One serving is one LoCho roll, which comes in at a substantial 65g on average.

What is the fibre content of LoCho low-carb bread?
Rolls = 14.8g per 100g or 9.62g per roll
Loaf = 14.8g per 100g or 3.40g per 23g slice


Typical values Per 100g Per 65g
Energy (kj) 917.85 596.6
Energy (kcal) 219.37 142.59
Fat (g) 9.64 6.27
Saturates (g) 2.02 1.31
Carbohydrate (g) 5.46 3.55
Total Sugars (g) 1.27 0.83
Protein (g) 23.31 15.15
Salt (g) 0.91 0.59