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How to Make the Best Low Carb Salad Sandwich

How to Make the Best Low Carb Salad Sandwich

We’ve all seen these super healthy, super low carb ‘sandwiches’ where the bread has been replaced with a giant lettuce leaf. Delicious? Arguably. Nutritious? Certainly. But a real sandwich? No way!

At LoCho, we think the bread’s the best part of any sandwich. So we’re going to share our tips for making the best low carb salad sandwich. With real bread. With real taste. And with real bite.


Step 1: Choose your bread

Sliced bread, or bread roll? It’s the great sandwich debate! But the good news is that, with LoCho, you can pick the type of bread you like best. Whether you choose our loaf or our individual buns, our mouth-watering recipe gives you all the taste, texture, and substance of real bread. With less carbs.

The only thing left to worry about? What you’re going to put in it!


Step 2: Choose your filling

If you want to keep your sandwich as low carb as possible, it’s best to fill your bread with low carb salad vegetables. As a general rule, veggies that grow above ground have lower carbs than those that grow below ground. So try to limit foods like onion and carrot, but fill your boots with things like:

  • Radish
  • Cucumber
  • Tomato
  • Salad leaves – lettuce, watercress, rocket, and spinach are all great choices

These low carb salad vegetables all have fewer than 5g net carbs per 100g. So paired with LoCho bread, which comes in at under 6g per 100g, you can easily whip yourself up a sarnie that suits your needs. It doesn’t matter whether you’re strict keto, lazy keto, low carb, or simply want to make healthier choices.


Step 3: Choose your spread

Low carb salad vegetables like tomato and cucumber add tons of moisture to any sandwich. But we think butties always taste better when there’s a bit of added ‘oomph’ from a low carb spread, too.

And the good news is that there are loads of choices. Butter fits in nicely with a low carb diet. As does mayonnaise. Or even plain yoghurt. For a zesty flavour, we recommend mixing a dollop of mayo or yoghurt with chopped fresh herbs, a squeeze of lemon juice, and a sprinkle of salt and pepper. Yum!

Prefer something with a bit more kick? A vinegar or water-based hot sauce does the trick nicely. Just be wary of tomato-based sauces, which often have too much sugar to be considered ‘low carb’.


Step 4: Select any extras

There’s no rule that says a salad sandwich just has to have salad. Low carb extras you can add include cheese, sliced boiled eggs, and meats or fish such as ham, chicken, tuna, or smoked salmon.


Step 5: Assemble & eat

Ready to tuck in?

Lay out your bread slices or rolls, top with a generous helping of your favourite spread, and pile high with your low carb salad vegetables. Whether it’s a quick and simple lunch to eat at your desk, part of a picnic, or a simple, tasty and healthy family supper, you really can’t go wrong with LoCho!