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Bacon Butties - Back On The Menu With Lower Carb Bread

Bacon Butties - Back On The Menu With Lower Carb Bread

Sunday mornings were made for bacon butties, weren’t they? There’s nothing quite like enjoying a much-needed lie-in, and then frying up some tasty smoked bacon to set yourself up for the day ahead.

If you’ve been following a low carb or keto diet, you might think that the classic bacon sarnie is off the table. We’re here to tell you that you CAN enjoy a roll piled high with bacon – with zero guilt.


Making the perfect low carb bacon butty

Making the perfect bacon butty relies on two things: great bread, and great bacon.

So let’s start with the bread. If you want to keep your bacon sarnie as low carb as possible, try to find a bread that’s under 6g of carbs per 100g. It’s also important to find a bread that can support the weight of the bacon. And, as we’ve all learned the hard way, very few low carb breads really can do that!

The good news is that LoCho does the job nicely. No matter how high your pile of bacon, our breads are designed to hold their own. Whether you choose the LoCho rolls or the LoCho loaf is up to you.

We’ve used both for our bacon butties. The rolls are great if you want a quick breakfast before (or while!) you rush out. The loaf is better if you really want to make a meal of it, and use some of the super bacon sandwich ideas we’ve shared below. Either way, you get the great taste, with less carbs.

As for the bacon? We liked smoked. Others like unsmoked. We like thick cut. Others like thin cut. We like back. Others like streaky. There are no hard and fast rules here. Grab whatever bacon you love!


How to cook a great bacon butty

We love our bacon butties in lightly toasted bread, with a cheeky spread of butter. But there’s nothing wrong with leaving your bread untoasted, either, or popping your bacon in a bread roll.

When it comes to bacon, the ‘go to’ way is to fry it up in a pan. Either just cooked, so it’s juicy, or left for longer to become crisp. But while frying is the most popular option, it’s not your only option. If you want to reduce your bacon sandwich calories, try grilling your bacon, or even baking it. While baking bacon might sound weird, it crisps up beautifully when it’s lined up on a rack over a baking tray.


Bacon sandwich ideas

Once you’ve got the basics mastered – the bread and the bacon – there’s no limit to what you can create. Some of our favourite low carb additions to the classic Sunday morning bacon sarnie include…

  • Lightly grilled or fried button mushrooms, cooked in just a small amount of butter
  • A fried egg
  • Low carb condiments, such as a vinegar-based hot sauce or a touch of English mustard
  • Lettuce and tomato, for the ultimate BLT – or add chicken to make a Club sandwich

And who says it even has to be bacon at all? Prefer sausages? Not a problem. You can use any of the great ideas above and simply swap out the smoky bacon for your favourite low carb sausage. Simple!