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Healthy Diet Alternative Using Low Carb Bread

Healthy Diet Alternative Using Low Carb Bread

When we hear the word ‘healthy’, the obvious association is ‘low calorie’. But it’s important to remember that there can be a very big difference between a ‘healthy diet’ and a ‘weight loss diet’. 

Of course, weight does play a big role in health. We all know that extra pounds can put unnecessary strain on the body. But there is a difference between wanting to lose weight and simply wanting to live a healthier lifestyle.

For example, if we want to lose weight, we might try to cut down on added fat. But if we want to eat healthier, it may be more beneficial to look into reducing other macronutrients. Specifically, carbs. 


What’s wrong with carbs?

Nothing! Carbs are good for us. They’re a great source of energy, fibre, B vitamins, calcium, and iron. The problem most of us have is that we’re simply eating too many of them. Bread, potatoes, pasta, crisps… they’re hard to resist. 

But according to the NHS, carbs should make up no more than one-third of a healthy diet*. So if you’re thinking about adopting a healthier diet, cutting down on carbs is a good starting point. 

That doesn't mean forsaking all joy. There are plenty of ways to reduce carbs without giving up all your favourite foods. And to prove it, we're going to look at some lower-carb bread alternatives to show just how tasty low carb can be. Here are some of our favourites:


1. Lower-carb bread, direct from the baker

OK, let's be honest. Lower-carb bread from the supermarket isn't great. It tends to be a bit dry, flakey, crumbly, and just generally not very good. There are two reasons for this.

Firstly, getting the water content right in a low carb bread is a task and a half. Many end up a bit dry.

Secondly, as they're already on the dry side, sitting on supermarket shelves for weeks on end doesn't help.

That's why we prefer lower-carb bread direct from the baker. So don't give up on lower-carb bread just yet. Order a LoCho loaf (or three!) from our bakery and see for yourself. 


LoCho - Low carb bread


2. Alternative flour breads

Rather than wheat flour, there are some bread alternatives out there made from nut flours such as almond. Or even coconut, flaxseed, or sunflower and pumpkin seed blends. Lower carb? Absolutely. Tasty? If you enjoy nuts, then they can taste great.

They can sometimes be quite moist, too. The only downside here is that the finished product tends to fall somewhere between a bread and a cake in terms of texture and consistency.

Some people don’t mind this, but if you’re looking for an authentic bread experience, it’s best to stick to lower-carb breads from the baker.


3. Cloud bread

If you haven't heard of cloud bread, where have you been?

It's an icon of the low carb world: whisked eggs, cream cheese and cream of tartar, all mixed together and spread out into a bread shape on a lined baking tray. Baked in the oven, this somewhat resembles a slice of bread. If you want to be as low carb as possible, great.

However, while it might look like bread, it definitely doesn’t taste like it – unlike lower-carb LoCho loaves!



* NHS article - Starchy foods and carbohydrates