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Sausage Sarnies with LoCho Low Carb Bread Rolls

Sausage Sarnies with LoCho Low Carb Bread Rolls

Sometimes, living a low carb lifestyle can begin to feel a bit bland, can’t it? You might be growing tired of eating the same lower carb bread slices, cold meats and cheeses all the time. But if you’re looking for some new low carb sandwich ideas, you’re in the right place. How about a few tasty, juicy sausages, packed into a mouth-watering lower carb roll, for something a little different to the norm...


Lower carb sausage butties

A good lower carb roll – like our seeded LoCho rolls – are the perfect alternative to carb-filled bread buns. Packed with a mix of tasty seeds, our yummy rolls offer just a touch of crunchy bite that works amazingly with the almost buttery softness that’s hiding away inside those crispy sausage skins.

And the great thing about sausage sarnies is that you can enjoy a different flavour each time by changing up the type of sausage you use. There’s your classic breakfast sausage, of course, but there are also herby Lincolnshires, peppery Cumberlands, and more unusual offerings like chicken sausages, cheesy sausages, or even pigs in blankets if you’ve got a craving for the festive delicacy.

To keep your butty lower carb, try to choose quality sausages with a higher meat percentage. Some cheaper sausages are often packed with rusk as a filler. This is made from wheat which is high in carbs. There are loads of lower carb sausages out there, though, so there’s plenty of choice.


How to make the perfect sausage sarnie

Honestly, there’s no right or wrong way! Sausages can be fried, grilled, or even oven-baked. As long as they’re thoroughly cooked all the way through, it really is a case of ‘anything goes’.

As for the bread, we like our LoCho low-carb bread rolls straight from the packet. Sometimes with a thin spread of butter. But if you’d rather lightly toast your roll first, feel free. This is your sarnie – enjoy it your way!


LoCho Low-Carb Bread Rolls


Don’t forget to add a squirt of tomato sauce if you want to. Low sugar tomato sauces are the best option for a lower carb sarnie. Brown sauce unfortunately isn’t the best for lower carb lifestyles, but if tomato sauce isn’t your thing, American mustard works well, and vinegar-based hot sauces.


Sausage to bread ratio

At LoCho, we’ve done our research. And the results are in. The perfect sausage to bread ratio is 2:1. That’s two sausages – split in half lengthways – per LoCho roll. Hungry for more? Go for it. If you’re using LoCho rolls, that is. If you’re using any other lower carb roll, beware that they might not be robust enough to stop your sarnie exploding over the floor. No one wants that to happen!

Fancy just a single sausage? No problem. But our rolls are pretty roomy. You might want to fill any gaps with some added low carb veggies, like some lightly fried mushrooms or strips of bell pepper.


Finishing touches

A great lower carb sausage sarnie stands on its own two feet. But a few finishing touches can take your butty from great to even greater. The obvious finishing touch is a sprinkle of salt and pepper. But we like to add a few roasted vine tomatoes, too, cooked until just slightly charred. Yum!